Financial training
for non financial staff

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Who are we?

Attainment Training was established in 1993, and specialises in financial training for non financial staff.

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What will we do for you?

We aim to improve the bottom line in your business by:
    This is what you can expect from us. We don't do off the shelf training. Everything we do is tailored towards your needs. We'll even catch you a mouse if you like!
  • providing tailored training that will give your staff the skills to improve your company's financial performance
  • helping your people start to learn, and supporting their continued development
  • giving value for money: our price includes course development and post course development resurces
  • measuring ROI on our training: we will survey the participants a month after the course to find out how they have developed and implemented their learning
What makes us special?
  • jargon free financial training - so your staff will understand what we are talking about
  • we will help your staff improve your financial performance - not simply calculate accounting ratios
  • tailored training to reflect your organisation - not off the shelf courses
  • our passion for business - so your staff will enjoy the training, and want to put it into action
  • our post course development resources - so your staff can continue improving after the course
What does this mean for you?

The training covers your issues, so your people can improve your business.

Value for money: your staff can keep developing long after you've paid the bill!

How do we work with you?

We don't have a catalogue of standard training courses. Every course is tailored towards your needs.

At the design stage we'll involve your finance and training team to design your course for your business. Our best courses happen when your finance team is involved in the design.

We encourage your finance team to have some involvement at the delivery stage, if only to come and do a Question & Answer session at the end of the course.

After the course there are development resources to help participants cement and develop their learning further.  There are Twitter updates and a regular digest to keep your people thinking about financial issues.  We'll assess the impact of the training a month after the course to help you measure the ROI of your training strategy.

And how do we help you?

We don't just want to help your company, we want to help you in the financial elements of your role.

We have some resources on the website that are there specifically to help you feel more comfortable with your financial responsibilities as a training manager, as well as some free finance training resources you can use within your company.

We send out  a regular digest to training managers: email us if you would like to receive a copy.

Our aim is to ensure that all your issues get covered in the training, and that the course is the beginning of a development process for participants, not a one off event.

Contact us at:, or telephone: 0121 276 0040

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