Financial training
for non financial staff

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What kind of areas do we cover?

The training we provide depends upon your needs. However, some requests come up more frequently. The common requests we cover include:
   Does financial stuff make you want to hide?  We can help you understand what it's all about.  It's actually easier than it seems.  We'll make it simple for you.
The training will be in-house: developed and run for your people and your business.  If you want an open course, we can help there, too.

Lots of training companies provide financial training: what makes us special?  We specialise in financial training - that's all we do.  We're enthusiastic, we see finance as a skills area, not a dry technical subject.  We provide post course development resources for your people, and we'll assess the impact of the training after the course.

So what?  What does that mean for you?

We'll keep it simple, so your people understand it.  Your people will enjoy it too, so they'll be more likely to apply it.  They won't just learn some accounting ratios and jargon, they'll learn how to improve the financial performance of your business.  They'll be able to continue developing after the course, and we'll help you measure the ROI of your training - so you'll get better value for money.


Is there a Director or Senior Manager who needs to improve their financial skills, but doesn't want to "go on a course"?  Call, and we can develop some 1:1 coaching to help them.

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