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Open courses

Sometimes you only have one or two people to train, and an in house course doesn't quite fit.  How about one of our open courses?

An open course isn't always best, it isn't tailored to your business, and your staff can't discuss confidential affairs.  But it's more cost effective than an in house course for small numbers, and you can see how other organisations do things.
    Only one person to train? An in house course doesn't fit? How about an open course?
What open courses do we offer, and when?
In 2014 we are trying something new.  Up until now there has been no demand for open course places, (and we have been advertising them for many, many years!).  

So, this year, rather than scheduling open courses, we will run a course at your venue, focussed on your business, at open course rates.  

If you only have two or three people to train, that's the best of both worlds.  Tailored training at open course rates!

How much does a place cost?
Costs are 295 per person.  Book two places and have a 10% discount.  Three places gives you a 20% discount.  Four or more places gives you 30% discount.  You'll get the discount even if you book  people on different courses.

How do I book a place?
Email us with the number of places you want to book, and the course dates you want, and we'll send you an invoice, booking confirmation and joining instructions.

Contact us at:, or telephone: 0121 276 0040 

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