These resources are here to help you and your team to develop their financial understanding and skill.  Feel free to use them in any way you want within your organisation.

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For training managers, here's some resources you might want to use within your organisation.  Sign up to the Vault as well: there's loads more there!


Every manager or training department should have a good library of business books.  Here's some books on finance.

Test your knowledge

Do your staff want to check their financial knowledge? Try our budgeting quiz, or our profit and cashflow quiz.

Quick checklists

It's always good to have a checklist!  Here's some financial checklists

Some short videos

I've developed a number of brief video sessions on a range of financial issues.  Feel free to use these as a training resource within your business:

Struggling to manage your budget?

I've also produced a series of articles to help you manage your budget better. Here's the first.

Tip of the Week

12 Why are you doing that

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Budgeting and Profit

Reading your finance report - 3. One of a series of articles to to keep you thinking about things financial.

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